Momma Dee was seen in the night club grabbing on some dude private parts 

Sas from Love & Hip Hop was shot in the head

Cynthia Bailey and Chef Roble and A Missing Peter

   On The News

Another Love & Hip Hop ATL cast member in the news MoMMa Dee mother to the Atlanta rapper Little Scrappy with a hand full of cock.  Whats up with her  hummmmm........  MoMMa Dee in a night club grabbing hand full of cock not the one that crows but the one that she holds.  I wonder how her son Scrappy is feeling about mommy now how proud would he be hummmm or better yet where's Ernest. Now with all these shady marriages going on was her marriage to Ernest just another script in a Realty show or is Ernest lacking as she mention on a previous episode. Stay tuned to see who else's Momma Dee will get a hold on.

ON JULY 3rd 2016 THE CAST MEMBER SAS FROM LOVE & HIP HOP WAS SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD he manage to survive the gun shot wound and is Expected to live to see another day doctor said that he has a hard skull but I say it's not the skull it's the head that's hard just kidding but Thank God he has God on his side. #LHHATL Whats going on...


Cynthia Bailey has a new boo Chef Roble a long time friend who is also single now. She is sporting a huge smile. Hope Peter owner of Bar One in Charlotte NC and Cynthia's ex knows how to run a business because its appears there will be NO more tips or gratuities. #ijs

  Sas from Love & Hip Hop ATL speaks on getting shot in the head.

Little Kim with Baby Royal Reign

Little Kim rapper icon shows off her beautiful precious little daughter Royal Reign. It's so amazing how her precious gem has a lazy eye like the late Christopher Wallace aka BIGGIE SMALL. As if he saying I'm still with you girl. Little Kim and Rapper Paper has birthed one beautiful child.